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Don't just take our word for it, read what other relatives and residents have to say about life at Tudor Lodge and Croft Manor.

These are just a few of the many thank you letters and cards we have received and display in memorial books of thanks in our reception area;

April 2016
Dear M & J. L and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the dedication and exceptional level of care given to my father over the past 2 years. We are extremely grateful to your dedicated team who cared for my father on a daily basis. We know from firsthand experience having visited every day, how well my father was cared for and how much care and devotion was shown by everyone. The staff all made such a difference to his quality of life. No matter who was on duty regardless of time, day or night, we know he received the same high quality of care and for this we are ever thankful. It was an extremely difficult decision to move my father into a care home, however strangers quickly became friends and any apprehensions soon dispelled when we observed the professionalism and total dedication of each and every member of your team and how well my father was treated with love and respect. On one occasion we visited him on his birthday, his door was closed and the carers were changing his bedding singing "Happy Birthday", we thought this was wonderful.
Thank you again. AH and family.

April 2016
Dear all at Croft Manor. Thanks so much for the exceptional care and consideration shown to my father during his long stay with you. We were so grateful to find such a caring and calm home for him and he was very happy there. The rummage potting shed is great, as are the gardens. It's hard to believe you are right in the middle of Fareham as it's so peaceful. Only last month he was still able to walk the 100metres or so to Fareham Shopping Centre which was important to him to know everything was on his doorstep, so to speak. The team of care staff are really special people at Croft Manor, my heartfelt thanks to them all.

March 2016
Dear M & J
We were very fortunate some 5 years and a half years ago to visit Tudor Lodge and find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We knew instantly it was the right place for our Mum. Mum loved Tudor Lodge and became part of its extended family, joining in with all the activities. As the years passed and Mum grew more frail, she was monitored and cared for right to the very end where she passed peacefully. It was a comfort to see Tudor Lodge so well represented at her funeral. My brothers and sister join me in thanking you for the care and compassion you showed Mum during her stay with you.

March 2016
Thank you to you and all the ladies working at Tudor Lodge - and M too - for all the excellent care you gave my Mother during the past six months. I know that she was extremely difficult but I cannot but admire the patience shown by you all.
Best wishes, S.

Feb 2016
My grateful thanks to all the staff, nurses and carers who made the last weeks of my husbands' life bearable for him and his family.

Feb 2016
Thank you so much for the wonderful care you gave my Mum during her stay at Croft Manor. Although people with dementia can sometimes be difficult to care for, your team of staff showed only compassion and dedication, patience and kindness to her throughout her stay with you. The home is lovely, its position in Fareham is very handy and made visiting her so easy to fit into our day to day lives. Thanks again for making a difficult situation bearable. 

Feburary 2016
Dear Bea,
Mum and I would like to thank you and your staff for the care that you gave
Dad during his final weeks.  We were so pleased that he died at Tudor Lodge
and did not have to be moved to hospital.  We would like to thank Anija
especially for making Dad's final hours as comfortable as possible and for
alerting us to his deterioration so that we could be with him at the end.
Kirsten too was very kind and attentive to Dad's increasing needs and it was
such a weight off our mind to see him so well cared for.  All the carers
were unfailingly kind and helpful as well.

Your home was recommended to us and I would have no hesitation in doing the
same.  Mum has decided that if and when the time comes for her to move into
care, you will be top of her list!

We have not yet received your account but of course will pay it immediately
once we do.

Please convey our thanks to all the staff who helped Dad - we are truly

Kind regards
S & I

July 2014
Dear Mark & Jane
Thank you very much for looking after my mother so well in her almost 6 year stay at Tudor Lodge. The quality of life she enjoyed in your home was far better than the existence she had whilst living on her own. Her family are very grateful that she was so well looked after and her needs kindly dealt with by those looking after her. T
July 2014
Thank you for the wonderful care you gave to our dear friend and for everything you did for her. B
June 2014
To Pat and all the staff at Tudor Lodge
I would like to thank all of you who helped look after H, she once told me it was “quite a nice hotel”. You were all so kind to her and to me from beginning to end. It helped me a lot being able to rely on you. C
June 2014
To the staff at Tudor Lodge, thank you so much for all the kindness and care you gave to our Mum.  P & B
June 2014
To all the staff
I wanted to thank you for the great care and compassion you showed my Mum over the past two years.  You are a great team and I cannot thank you enough for the way you treated us all.  C & J
May 2014
Dear Jane and Mark
The celebrations that we held at Croft Manor on Saturday to mark Mum’s 100th Birthday were very successful and enjoyed by all.  The day was made possible by the help and support of Dawn and her staff and the splendid buffet laid on by Shirley the cook.  With thanks from all the family.
May 2014
Thank you so much for giving my Mother such a special 103rd Birthday. The buffet was perfect and the cake a work of art. JA

July 2013
I have been here 4 years now and am about to celebrate my 100th Birthday!  I have found it a most kind home with helpful staff at all times. N

May 2013
Sincere and heartfelt thanks for all the care, love, empathy and professionalism you showed when caring for my mother.  I will never forget your kindness, NC

Jane & Mark. I can’t think of a better place for my mother to have spent her last year, we valued the staff’s impressive competence, humour and compassion, you should be very proud.  RC

April 2013
My dear friends, thank you so much for caring for my dear Mum over the last 6.5 years, you are the best, love S

Many thanks for looking after V, I was impressed by your professionalism, P

Thank you all for the wonderful care that gave to J during his stay, it was above and beyond what was expected and I will always be grateful. S

March 2013
To all the staff I would like to say thank you for the care and kindness you showed to my wife LD.

February 2013
Mum was very lucky to be so well looked after by everyone, thank you for being so kind and caring towards me as well.  HG,

January 2013
Dear Dawn and Lyn and all members of staff
Just a few lines to thank you all for your kindness and care and support in looking after me.  I enjoyed all your company very much.   Very best wishes, MS.
January 2013
Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you and all the staff gave my mother, B.  She was so happy at Croft Manor, and although initially reluctant, she very soon settled in and truly felt it was her home.  This certainly showed the wonderful skill of all those who cared for her.  We found kindness and compassion in abundance at Croft Manor and it was so reassuring to know that B could not have been better cared for anywhere.  L and all of B’s family.
Tudor Lodge

February 2013
To the Nurses and staff, my sincere thanks for the care you have given during my 12 week convalescence stay at Tudor Lodge, JM
January 2013
Just to let you know how pleased we were to have chosen Tudor Lodge to care for I for nearly 3 years.  Good care from nurses and carers who were always very friendly.  I would always give good recommendation for Tudor Lodge. Thank you.  JH
January 2013
Dear Mark and Jane
We always knew Mum was well cared for here at Tudor Lodge but the care and professionalism that was shown on Saturday to our visiting relative was second to none.  The response by the carers and nurses immediately the emergency started was excellent.  The staff were extremely kind contacting other relatives on our behalf.  At all times everyone was extremely professional, kind and thoughtful.  We all thank you very much, your efforts were much appreciated.
December 2012
To all the staff at Tudor Lodge, especially those who cared so well for my Mum. Thank you so much looking after her so well. L & PR
November 2012
The heartache of Mum having to go into a care home was the hardest decision as a family we’ve had to make.  That was almost 3 years ago and we couldn’t have asked for better care for Mum.  When we’re able to take Mum out, after a while she asks to “go home now”.  At first we held our breath thinking she meant “her home”, but when we returned to Croft Manor, the girls opened the door and Mum said “I’d love a cup of tea and biscuits”!  Croft is her home and the staff are her extended family.  A big thank you to all the staff for your care, without you we would’ve lost Mum a long time ago.  “Bab’s family”

November 2012
Dear J, M and everyone at Tudor Lodge
Just to thank you for the care and support you gave to Mum over the 5+ years she was at Tudor Lodge.  Mum was very happy with you – to her you were all friends.  Can I add a special thanks to Nurses B, T and J and all the carers who provided gentle care of the last months of Mum’s life. I am sure that Mum’s last years were longer and happier at Tudor Lodge than they would have been almost anywhere else.  Yours sincerely  J&JN

October 2012
Thank you all at Tudor Lodge for the fantastic care and kindness which you showed to my Mum – she was very lucky to be so well looked after.  Your staff have also been really supportive of me as well. I so appreciate everything.  HG

October 2012
A very big “thank you” to all the staff at Tudor Lodge for making Mum’s last few months as comfortable as possible.  We were made very welcome on our visits and found everyone most understanding at that difficult time.  With our very best wishes C, G and T.  Daughter and sons of GB.

October 2012
A sincere thank you to you and all the staff of Croft Manor for your care of my Mother while she was with us (at Croft Manor for nearly 7 years), and your support and respect to her memory since her death.  Please thank J and the other ladies who so kindly attended her cremation ceremony. MA

October 2012
Thank you very much for looking after and caring for my Dad whilst he was at Tudor Lodge. Special mention to D and A for keeping me informed all the time whilst my Dad was very poorly towards the end of his life.  In particular, the night staff C & L for their care.  Thanks, C.

October 2012
Mum was very lucky to be so well looked after by everyone.  You all did your very best to make sure that Mum was comfy, clean and she also had the benefit of your smiley faces and happy voices. Thanks also for being so kind and caring towards me.  With many thanks, HG and family

September 2012
I should like to thank you and the wonderful staff at Croft Manor for looking after Mum. The care and patience with how you handled Mum throughout her stay was wonderful and as a family we could not have been more grateful. I know she came to feel at home with you and I can’t remember seeing her so happy as when she returned to you from hospital – being looked after by people she looked on as part of her family. Thank you all so much, you’re amazing people who do an amazing job.
Dr Chris O’Byrne

September 2012
I have stayed in several nursing homes and Tudor Lodge is by far the best.  The biggest test for a nursing home is care given during the night.  Tudor scores successfully by having constant staff attendances, you receive the same quality care at night as you do in the day. 
Fred, Resident

September 2012
I have been here 3 years and have found it a most kind home with helpful staff at all times. 
Nancy, aged 99, Resident

April 2012
I have lived at Tudor Lodge since January 2009 and have been a diabetic on insulin for 55 years. Tudor Lodge is the third nursing home I have lived in and this one is the absolutely best one I have stayed in. The staff are very caring and helpful and I am very happy here. 
James C, room 38.

March 2012
It is now 4 years since I first came to Tudor Lodge Nursing Home, after a long spell in hospital in Portsmouth. This was the best home that my son and daughter found from the many that they looked at. I must admit that is has been a home from home for me. The staff are the finest you could find and what a marvellous job they do. The owners are friendly and the staff are like friends. I cannot speak more highly of both staff and home and really enjoy living here. DM

January 2012
To all the staff. We wanted to thank you for all the wonderful care you give T. He is so much better now than when he (moved) in. He’s just had his 86th Birthday and it’s nice to see him so happy. TS

January 2012
Dear All. How can I thank you enough for caring for my Mum over the past few years. It was important to me that she was happy and content and with people who would treat her with the respect and dignity she deserved. Caring for elderly people is not just a job but a vocation and I cannot thank each and everyone of you enough for all the wonderful work you do. I have witnessed countless acts of kindness and compassion for my Mum for which I am eternally grateful. J

December 2011
To the Manager and care staff We thought that we’d like to write to thank you all for looking after our Mum. She seemed genuinely to be very happy with you all. Thank you for treating her so well, allowing her her dignity and for your patience, warmth and professionalism throughout. PM and MM

December 2011
To all the staff This comes with many thanks from JF’s family for the care you gave her. She was not good at expressing gratitude but many times she said how kind you all were and we all witnessed it. BM

November 2011
To everyone at Tudor Lodge; I’d like to thank you all, each and everyone, for providing such wonderful care for P – my much loved Mum. I witnessed such attention and affection to Mum during her time in your care. JVB

November 2011
Mark, Jane and all the staff; It is difficult to put into words how much we appreciated the kindness and professionalism that you all showed towards P. I would like to thank you for treating my Mother with such compassion and dignity. MK

November 2011
Dear Mr. and Mrs Palmer
My sisters and I wish to convey to all the staff at Tudor Lodge, our gratitude for the way in which you cared for our mother. It was so important to us that Mum was able to be in such a caring environment with such an impeccably high standard of care. Thank you for all the loving care at Tudor Lodge. What a special place and especially the kindness and consideration shown to us on our visits. Thank you each and everyone of you for the wonderful work you do. Yours gratefully, YS.

October 2011
Dear Mark and Jane
Thank you so much for your support and kindness throughout Mums’ last few days. Your staff were absolutely superb. Kind regards, BT and family.

October 2011
To Jane and Mark
I cannot thank Croft Manor enough for the care and kindness shown throughout the last four years (to my Mum). Thank you again, R

September 2011
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who looked after Violet over the last three years. Always caring, considerate, yet with a sense of humour, the nurses and carers were wonderful and loving to Mum. They always made me welcome and were a great support to me during Mum’s last few weeks. I know that she could not have been cared for in a better place and Tudor Lodge will always hold special memories for me - JW

August 2011
To all the Nursing and Care Staff
Thank you all so much for all you did for Mum. I would also like to thank you for all your care and support to me and the family in those difficult and sad last 2 weeks. With love LC

June 2011
Dear All
I can’t begin to say a really really big thankyou to ALL of YOU at the Lodge. You have all made the last few months a lot easier for me and my family and of course, for P. Your professionalism, care and most of all the friendship you have showed, I really can’t express how much I’ve appreciated it all. We can’t thank you enough. RL

June 2011
To all the staff at Tudor Lodge
Many thanks for taking such good care of our Aunty R over the last few months.

May 2011
I would like to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you, for the loving care and kindness your staff gave to my Father whilst he was at your home. My family and I took great comfort in knowing that he was in such capable and professional hands, and was treated with the utmost respect and dignity. Your home provided a caring, efficient and happy atmosphere for which we are eternally grateful. As a Nurse myself, I really appreciated it. Thanks again, TN

April 2011
Thank you for all the care and kindness you showed when looking after F. It was a great comfort to me and my family to know how well you had looked after him. I know that during his stay in Tudor Lodge he managed to form a close bond with many of you. The kindness and compassion you showed to us all in F’s final weeks will live long in our Family memory knowing that we could not have chosen a better place for him to live. Many, many thanks once again, I and Family.

April 2011
M, A and S would like to thank you for your thoughts at this sad time. We still miss Mum terribly but are so relieved that she was able to spend those last few months in Tudor Lodge in such wonderful and friendly surroundings. So very many thanks for everything. S

February 2011
GC and her sister MH
We would like to thank everyone at Tudor Lodge for the exemplary care and kindness given to G and previously her sister, M. Both were lovingly cared for in their last phase of life. This care also extended to family visiting, who were always made welcome, could find someone to talk things over with and get a cup of coffee. Little things were always attended to such as putting up a picture or fixing a light bulb. When my time comes I hope that I may find a place that offers the same level of commitment to excellence. RJ

January 2011
Thank you for coming to my Father’s funeral last Wednesday. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how wonderful all the staff were at Tudor Lodge. My father could not have been in a better place during his last 3 months and he, and I, were so very grateful for everyone’s kindness, care and support. Please pass on my very good wishes to everyone – you really have a wonderful team at Tudor Lodge, sincerely CM.

December 2010
Thank you for your kindness and care for G. from her son and family.

December 2010
Thank you to all the staff on Elizabeth wing who helped to make the 23rd December a very pleasant day for I and I. The day of our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Thank you for all your kindness and care. Wishing you all a Happy New Year. From I and J.

August 2010
Thank you very much for looking after our Mum – DD - and providing her with the love, care and support she needed over the last few years. It has been a huge comfort to us to know she was happy and we were delighted that she was able to spend her time in the lounge with her friends. We valued the stimulation she got form all the activities – this was so important. Love and Best wishes G, S, J, A and families.

June 2010
Dear Pat. My thanks and gratitude to EVERYONE at Tudor Lodge for helping my Mother, E, through the last year of her life with such care and patience. My thanks again to you all, JM.

To all the staff at Tudor Lodge, on behalf of all the family I would like to say how grateful we are for the kindness and care you gave our Father, S, for the short time he was with you. Again, our sincere thanks to you all, D & L.

Many thanks for the care and kindness that you gave to our Dad. M, B & R.

27 May 2010
Dear Jane. Following the death of my Mother, YK, on Sunday, I just wanted to write to thank all the staff involved in my mother’s care during her stay at Tudor Lodge. They were all extremely caring and I felt her last couple of months were made as comfortable as possible. I can rest assured that she was being extremely well looked after in a lovely room. With very many thanks to you all, SS.

8 March 2010
Dear Pat and Jennie. THANK YOU to you and all the marvellous staff who looked after H while he was in Tudor Lodge. The family and I are so grateful that you made H’s final weeks as dignified and comfortable as possible, and you were so kind to us too. Nothing was too much trouble, and we felt like part of the Tudor Lodge family. H much appreciated all that was being done to help him. Thank you too, to those who so kindly supported us at H’s service. G, N and J.

February 2010
To everyone at Tudor Lodge. We would like to thank you for your respect, care and compassion shown towards BG. It is of great comfort (to us) to know that B will be well cared for here at Tudor Lodge. Best wishes to you all and many thanks, T & S.

November 2009
To all on “Henry wing” a big thank you to you all, especially for the wonderful happy singing that greeted us so often. God Bless you all – W loved you. K, P and Family.

October 2009
To all you lovely nurses and caring staff at Tudor Lodge. We really do appreciate all that you did for our beloved Mum and Wife. You helped make her time with you as comfortable as possible, with such care and thoughtfulness and we are so grateful to you all for your help and understanding at such a difficult time. One thing we have all decided is that you all must have been “hand-picked” for your care and compassion. With all our thanks to you, with love from LP’s family.

Dear Pat. This is just a short note to express my thanks to all the staff and my appreciation for everything that was done for J during her stay. The care and attention that was given to J is beyond adequate description, nothing was too much trouble for you at any time. I would also like to thank you for your kindness to me, especially for refreshments. God Bless you all, yours with gratitude and love N.

To all Staff – We would like to thank you for the kindness and care shown to J and P W whilst they were with you. They always spoke highly of you all and we were grateful of your hospitality (to us) after a long journey. Kind regards N and CS, JS.

To you All. Thank you does not seem enough to say for all the wonderful care you gave Mum and showed our family. You made the last months of her life wonderful. W always knew you were there. We love you all very much as did Mum. God Bless you all, K, P and Family.

2009 – Newspaper announcement;
FISHER Betty Lilian. The family and friends of the late Mrs Fisher would like to express their most sincere thanks to all the staff at Tudor Lodge who cared for, supported and loved Betty.

August 2009
Thank you all for your brilliant work, time and dedication to the residents of Tudor Lodge, especially for my Nana E. Thanks W.

July 2009
Dear Pat and all your wonderful team. Many, many thanks for a wonderful afternoon at Tudor Lodge (Garden Party). The food was excellent and so plentiful and we all had a very enjoyable time with you all. Please give our thanks to all who worked so hard. Tudor Lodge is an exceptional home and very happy and we are so pleased that we are privileged to have Mum with you. Kind regards K, P and all the family.

February 2009
Dear Pat, Jenny and all the carers and staff at Tudor Lodge; we write to thank you for all your care of D during her residence at Tudor Lodge. It was so comforting to know she was in such good hands. Kind regards and thanks from R and B.

4 January 2009
Dear Mark and Jane. I am writing to you on behalf of the family. I cannot praise your staff highly enough for the help and support that M received during her time at Tudor Lodge. The quality of care and support received at Tudor Lodge was fantastic. M’s needs no matter how large or small, were dealt with efficiently by your staff. Please pass on our thanks to all your staff. Yours sincerely, MN.

To all at Tudor Lodge
The three of us would like to thank you for your kindness, attentiveness and love given to our Mum. Tudor Lodge will be a special place to us as well. Our sincere gratitude goes to all of you from the bottom of our hearts. R, J and J.

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